I help forward-thinking businesses stand out and succeed in the digital economy.

Digital products and services are the lifeblood of nearly every modern business. Their quality and relevance can mean the difference between sustainable growth and profitability, or wasted resources and unhappy customers. Yet, finding that crucial balance between today's technological possibilities, cutting-edge design, and commercial success is challenging. I help companies in turning these challenges into competitive advantages and business growth.
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Hello, my name is Jan Takacs. I am a design executive born and raised in Europe (CZ) and currently based in Asia (MY).

I started my career journey as an entrepreneur, founding a design consultancy while obtaining a master's degree in economics and business administration at University of Technology, Brno. Since the early days, being a designer with a business education was a source of my competitive advantage.

It enabled me to bridge the economic reality and business needs with design and creativity and helped me to empower organizations and individuals to deliver greater human and business impact.

I initially served small and medium businesses in Europe and the US, providing services at the intersection of user experience, brand identity and digital product design.

Later, I transitioned and settled down in Asia, where I had the privilege of working on products with audiences reaching millions and led projects for some of the world's leading Fortune 500 businesses.

Currently, I work as a group head of product design in a global insurtech unicorn, bolttech, as a mentor at a business school, NewCampus and as an advisor in several startups. Previously, I led design and innovation teams in Accenture Interactive (now Song). I also occasionally speak at conferences and various events.

Finding helpful insights for digital product and design is hard. It doesn't have to be.